Our Story

 Brenda Durbin and Lisa Fields

When Lisa and Brenda first met, it was like looking into a mirror. Yes, they shared a history in dentistry and a passion for creativity, but their fashion, features and even hairstyle was identical. Could this even be real? Their uncanny resemblance immediately bonded these two Tennessee ladies and a quick friendship was formed.
As their children left the nest and years of poking around in mouths came to a close, Lisa and Brenda started looking for a little excitement. They wanted something on their own terms— a way to help their families while also feeding their adventurous sides. With a little time on their hands and a keen eye for craftsmanship, Loll-Le Gaggin was created. The idea from the beginning was to create something timeless. They wanted a piece of jewelry that was not only beautiful, but could also connect with everyone everywhere. Careful deliberation and vision brought them to A State of Mine. “We keep saying ‘States are the new monogram,’” says Lisa. “Monograms have been out there forever and never go out style. We think that hometown pride is the same way. Everyone loves taking pride and recognition in their home state.” Think about it. You’re in a new town, fresh off a move from Texas. One Friday night, you’re sitting at the corner wine bar and see someone wearing a Texas medallion from A State of Mine— immediate new friend. These interactions and opportunities are what Lisa and Brenda hope to foster. That same kind of hometown pride goes into the making of each piece of A State of Mine. Lisa and Brenda are deeply involved in every step of creation from the original design of the medallion to meeting the makers they partner with across the country. “We love getting out and working with our crafters,” says Brenda. “It’s also just fun to go on road trips with Lisa.” Bubbly, chirpy and laughing all time, the friendship between Brenda and Lisa cultivates the spirit of their work partnership. Their shared energy and excitement for time together while creating A State of Mine feeds into the fine quality and design of each band. These classic pieces are 100 percent handcrafted in America and can be found in boutiques from New York to California.